domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Lavapiés Vans

White vans are climbing up the hills of Lavapiés
They snail and swallow loads of sleeping men

White vans are climbing down the hills of Lavapiés
They slide and stop and throw out purple ladies

White vans are meandering blindly through the hills of Lavapiés
Driven by smiling lizards with checkered bandanas

White vans are hoping up and down the mazy hills of Lavapiés
With dazzled hornets drilling holes to smoke through

White vans are clotting the narrow lanes of Lavapiés
“Ah the chinaman is teaching his parrot Lebanese!”

White vans they all refill with old ladies’ whispers and float
“Oh the big band ballrooms where have they all gone?”

White vans they all at night melt down the hills of Lavapiés
As a layer of shiny aluminum that nourishes the moon

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